Alexandra Verbeek, born in Den Bosch, Netherlands, is an artist based in the south of France, following her father’s dream who greatly inspired her at a young age with his love for Art and beautiful places. At the age of seven, she joined an art school for children where she was initiated to painting, sculpting, designing and more for 7 years. After high school, she successfully completed her graphic design studies and another two years of Art academy where she discovered her second passion : Photography. 

After working for years in a major advertising company, she dropped everything and went on a two years trip around the middle-east, central america, and south european countries, traveling through countries like Egypt, Sudan, Israël, Mexico, Italy and Greece, expirementing with her camera while blending in with the local population, learning about their daily lives, culture and traditions.

After a life time painting she made the decision to live her dream and started to paint fulltime, spending much time in her workshop, training and developing her techniques inspired by the best to create her own unique identity. Her style could be qualified as modern contemporary, but that is only a very rough description, she prefers to refer to it as “untaggable” Art. Every painting being a new and different experience through colors, texture, depth and much more. So the light can play with the painting.

However, her paintings take much time to achieve, always seeking new structures, effects and emotions to put in, often by building layers over layers, colors over colors, leaving the canvas to dry in between two sessions while working on other things. 
She also spends much time in nature where she finds her main source of inspiration for photography, playing with natural lightings in unique situations. It brings her joy and serenity, a feeling she translates in both her paintings and photos.

Nothing is complete if it doesn’t convey emotion.


Art that aims to connect on a primal level. Letting go of ideas that we may otherwise force violently onto things. I aim to guide purely by the beauty and interest of daily life. I hope to bring people in different states of mind by putting emphasis on what’s already around us. Art and photography are the tools I use to express harmony and unity and capture the essence of a thousand things.

 To appreciate the now and to be attuned to the simplest things life has to offer. The transience of life is what makes every moment valuable. I reflect this in my art, paintings change during the day according to the lighting and even orientation. An intricate play of shadows and light ads to a sense of the painting being alive. Going out and experiencing nature, seeing the details on the smallest blade of grass to the biggest mountain on the horizon is where we look to find inner calm. I draw upon this inspiration to create paintings that aim to evoke these complex feelings.

The paintings consist of many layers of rich paint to create depth and shapes that have an organic aesthetic. As a painting progresses it may change drastically. There is a constant need to consider the painting as a whole, in both composition and marriage of colors. My art invites viewers to look at my paintings and refind themselves as a whole with the univers that;s constantly moving and the life force it's given.

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